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At The Rosarium we do not believe in pre-set wedding packages. We are firm believers in the fact that weddings are for the most part, a once in a lifetime experience and is also a very personal and custom event for each couple. It is for this reason that we design a completely personalized or custom wedding package for all of our potential newly-weds.

Below is just a sample of some arrangements and decorative pieces we have designed for previous weddings. The first step in considering the Rosarium to fulfill your wedding needs is to book a free wedding consultation with one of our highly experienced designers (fluent in Russian, Italian, Farsi and English). During this consultation our designer will go through all the ins and outs of the floral and decorative aspect to the wedding planning process. If the wedding entails individual table centerpieces, we design a sample arrangement so that the couple may take it home and enjoy a trial of what their guests would have an opportunity to enjoy at their own homes. Do not hesitate to contact us via mail or phone if you have any further questions.