To ensure that we are consistently selling only the freshest, high quality and long-lasting flower products available, our staff constantly checks and maintains the entire range of flowers we have resting in our fridges? shelves. Not only is the condition of the product important, but also the freshness of the water and the cleanliness of the buckets or vases it is displayed in. Keeping a clean working environment also plays a big part in maintaining fresh, long-lasting roses and flowers. It is for this reason that the hundreds of buckets and glass vases we use to keep our roses hydrated are washed thoroughly every week with hot water and mild bleach. It is these small, time-consuming details that allow us to have this degree of confidence in our product. Our confidence is turned directly into a benefit to all of our clients through Rosarium?s prestigious Quality Guarantee, where we promise to replace any roses that begin to die within the first few days of purchase or whichever product that did not meet the customer's satisfaction or needs.*

*Redemption guarantee is subject to the inspection of product by the Rosarium staff, and must be accompanied by original purchase receipt. Please call 905.660.6868 for further details.