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About Us

Since its inception in February 2001, the Rosarium Inc. has strived to fulfill its customers' needs for high quality, long lasting, premium roses and flowers, focusing mainly on honesty with our clientele, quality of our products and immaculate service. Understanding the personal importance that various holidays hold for different people, the Rosarium consistently strives to provide the perfect floral arrangement for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Passover and other religious holidays, as well as any other important days, such as birthdays, weddings, funerals and anniversaries.

The president, Akbar Sharifi, began his career in the floral industry at the prestigious former floral greenhouse, Concord Floral Ltd. in Concord, ON. Managing the growing and cultivation of high quality Canadian grown roses and other premium flowers, Akbar earned over 10 years of experience in the treatment and quality control methods that produces pristine flowers. He has adapted and applied these methods for the Rosarium to maintain and ensure a consistent stream of the highest quality roses and other long lasting premium flowers.

In addition to the skills set and experience he attained throughout his career in the industry, Akbar travels to Quito, Ecuador every year to attend the International Flower Show, which is hosted by the most prestigious rose and flower growers in the world. This is where he discovers the newest trends, colours and varieties of not only the most luxurious roses in the world, but hundreds of other flowers and greens. All the while, Akbar never forgets his standard for only the highest quality roses and flowers available in the market. In fact, as a Vaughan florist, the Rosarium imports a variety of high quality, long lasting, Fairtrade, Ecuadorian flowers that are simply stunning.

At its peak, the Rosarium encompassed three locations. The first being their headquarters in Concord, servicing the majority of the Vaughan area. The second was found in Aurora and the third was the Rosarium's prestigious flagship, downtown-Toronto location. After testing the retail grounds with this setup for almost two years, the Rosarium found a more successful business strategy through the consolidation of all three locations into one super store. Today, the Rosarium?s Concord location is over 4000 square feet, with a number of highly experienced designers, complete delivery service and an immaculate sales team. This larger location allows the Rosarium to produce and store a large quantity of quality flowers, helping to increase supply and decrease costs. With the most low cost flowers in Vaughan, the Rosarium also delivers premium roses and flowers throughout Concord, Vaughan and Toronto.

The Rosarium has changed a great deal since its beginning in 2001, but has now found its permanent niche within the industry and will continue to be a leader in the ever-changing floral industry for the many years to come.